Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Actual Post

This post is about politics!

Well, maybe it's actually about of Montreal.

So, today, John McCain said this:

I think he is ignoring the wisdom so well-expressed by Kevin Barnes:
"This life is not a prison. We are always free to go, any time."


Anonymous said...

I think that life is but a dream. That being said, I hope that Senator McCain receives some notification of the alternatives that are offered to him.

Grace Mulligan said...

I suppose that what happens to a party's presidential ticket after the presidential candidate commits suicide is completely irrelevant, because any party whose presidential candidate commits suicide is just doomed.

Anonymous said...

Though it would be interesting to see what the elected electors would do in that case-- I believe that Crawford, 1824, had died by the time the electors met to vote, though it may be that he hung on long enough for the vote to take place.

Anonymous said...

I just looked it up--- apparently he lived for a decade AFTER the stroke that he suffered. So there is hope.