Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Thoughts on _Princess Tutu_

Superficial: Like everyone else on the Internet who has watched this anime, am now Fakir/Ahiru shipper. I wonder why that's so effective. Usually I don't wind up shipping anything, although I suppose that in general when I do it is Japanese.

Somewhat less superficial: I really kind of wonder what Rich Puchalsky would think of this anime.

I think this means I need a "Rich Puchalsky" tag. Which is obviously shorthand for something that does not have any necessary connection to Rich Puchalsky - oh well.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Train of Thought of the Day

". . .okay, so 'Vegan in Furs' and love. . . . You know how you were born from a mother? Well, it's just like that with 'Vegan in Furs' and love. 'Vegan in Furs' was born from love. 'Vegan in Furs' has love genes. And it's also sort of like Jesus. . . ."