Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Thoughts on _Princess Tutu_

Superficial: Like everyone else on the Internet who has watched this anime, am now Fakir/Ahiru shipper. I wonder why that's so effective. Usually I don't wind up shipping anything, although I suppose that in general when I do it is Japanese.

Somewhat less superficial: I really kind of wonder what Rich Puchalsky would think of this anime.

I think this means I need a "Rich Puchalsky" tag. Which is obviously shorthand for something that does not have any necessary connection to Rich Puchalsky - oh well.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for being so bad about comments. Are we going to see the new Little Mermaid anime?

Grace Mulligan said...

Well, I'm afraid I have already seen it. . . but if you're interested, I'd recommend it, I guess. I enjoyed it well enough (though didn't think it was great), but the person with whom I saw it disliked it. The drawings were much less detailed than Miyazaki's usual, which was a sort of weird effect, but it reminded me more than usual of the style of the Heidi movie, which he also worked on, so you might like that.

If you really want to try the best Miyazaki movie, though, I'd recommend getting Spirited Away on Netflix - although I'm not nearly as much of a Ghibli fan as most people I know, I do think that Spirited Away is really excellent.