Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zizek and Laibach

Here is something I wonder - does knowing more about Slovenia than I do (something which ought to be achievable with great ease) actually provide one with a useful context for Zizek and Laibach. I feel like it ought to - largely because I feel like there has to be some kind of context for Zizek and Laibach - but I know so little about Slovenia that it's hard for me to understand how it would.

I have been listening to Laibach songs today on YouTube and occasionally catching glimpses of the videos. You know it's going to be a good Laibach video if the lead singer shows up in his headdress thingy. Their cover of "Across the Universe" is really disappointing, though.

ETA: Apparently, Slovenia is the highest-ranking Slavic country on the United Nations Human Development Index. Did you know that? I totally did not know that. Watch me learn more about Slovenia!


Jon Jucovy said...

it might, that is, it might give you more insights, though not that much I suspect. Funny to read this post today, since just yesterday JS and I were talking about Slovenia, where we have never been and he wants to go this summer. It is close to Graz, where I've spent many a happy day. JS had no idea that my family had such close associations with Graz, though he certainly knew that it has one of the most impressive arsenals in all of the world. I believe that I did not make my wife go there, but I did!

Grace Mulligan said...

Well, I will be curious to hear about his experiences there, if he or you is willing to tell me about them. Especially if they are very. . . bizarre.