Thursday, October 27, 2011


Researching my previous post led me to waste my entire morning and afternoon looking up various musically related things. One place I wound up at was the Bee Gee's "Odessa." This is a song I may have heard only once before today? I think my father played it for me as a teenager, or else I heard it sometime very late at night on the classic rock radio station (it would have had to have been sometime very late at night!). Not sure I've ever heard it since then, since this may be the first time I've thought of it since the creation of YouTube. Nonetheless, it obviously made a big enough impression on me that I thought to go look it up on YouTube today. And, man, it really is about as awesome a song as I remember it being. Exactly the kind of song I like. Really long and epic and with lots of different parts. What an excellent song! Glad I remembered it. How do you get from there to the disco stuff?

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