Sunday, March 18, 2018


But when I search for you, you flee,
Elusive, intangible, an idea, a ghost.
I want to press my lips to yours,
Breathe in your scent,
Embrace you and be embraced,
But the room is full only of shadows
And harsh electronic lights.
I try to trap you in sounds, whirring, Meaningless, but your whisper escapes me.
I shut my eyes against the light
Illuminating corners empty of you,
Trying to envision you,
Seductive, welcoming.
Your absence beats like a presence.
My heart and lungs expand and contract
To some failed parody of your rhythm.
All I want is you, and you are not here,
But when I run from you, you hang on,
The feel of your body heavy atop mine.
Your breath brushes my forehead,
Your heady fragrance pervades the room,
Your arms around me, mine around you.
Then your fingers press down my eyelids,
A cool touch summoning the dark.
Your arms wrap around my ears,
Muffling, dimming the world.
When I open my eyes against you,
You are everything in my vision,
Any glimpse of light hopeless,
Futile, unimaginable.
Your heartbeat and mine are the same,
One pulse, one heart, one self,
Nothing between you and me
Permitting any form of release,
Sorry for the tiny font size - the lines need to fit the given space.

I don't even understand how little water imagery there is in this poem.

How obvious is it what the subject matter is?

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Dance Visions said...

Love it, truly! so very beautifully expressed.and beautifully elusive and open to interpretation. My own feeling is that the subject matter is sleep or of the like, particularly given the hint of the title.