Tuesday, November 18, 2008

List of References to Publications and Photography on Skeletal Lamping


1. "I'm the motherfucking headliner." - "Wicked Wisdom"

2. "All I care to hear: elitist's commentary about some faded press limited edition" - "Wicked Wisdom"

3. "Then I was wrapped in discourse with a magazine reader." - "For Our Elegant Caste"

4. "I wanna write you books." - "Gallery Piece"

5. "I read his journal. It was very revealing." - "Beware Our Nubile Miscreants"

6. "I know from past experience he never takes it easy on his readers." - "Mingusings"


1. "Now I'm viewing my memory reel in reverse, scrolling back to come to feel your whether-then." - "An Eluardian Instance"

2. "I check my shutter speed, my aperture, my domino, can't focus, can't stop staring at the face I used to know." - "Women's Studies Victims"

3. "I only photograph my fascinations till the stress of the flash makes them fade." - "St. Exquisite's Confessions" [Note: A really good line, by the way, and generally applicable.]


1. "I'm the kind of mannequin that cheats and opens its eyes to the ladies of the spread." - "Women's Studies Victims" [Note: "Ladies of the spread" must mean centerfold models, yes?]

2. "I read it with my head open or only slightly cracked. Somebody else will have to close it when I'm done, make the most out of the visuals." - "Women's Studies Victims"

3. "It's time to get to know the article that you'll be stripping. Ladies of the spread, you better keep my secrets in that perfume poodle head." - "St. Exquisite's Confessions"

There isn't really a point to this list; it's a motif I've noticed without really having much of an idea as to what the point of the motif is.

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